Restaurant in Santa Flavia


At any time of the day, the Babilonia Pub offers its customers a wide range of tasty ideas to feed themselves with taste, offering a wide selection of sandwiches and many delicious food in the restaurant in Santa Flavia, including first and main courses with meat and fish. The offer is enriched by the excellent beers in bottles with a wide range of labels and beer in draught, also providing various types of desserts and ice creams. The menu is divided into proposals a la carte and tourist menus to satisfy every need, allowing you to eat in a fast way or, for those who want, to spend the time in the company of friends and family in peace among talks and deliciuos tastings. The restaurant is open all day from the morning with the with the breakfast service focused on excellent croissants and cappuccinos. Available for lunch and dinner, the restaurant is equipped with an indoor kitchen for the preparation of appetizers, starters, first and main courses, salads and big salads, seafood dishes, fresh meats and grilled vegetables and creations freshly prepared. The real specialty of the house is the sandwich served as an appetizer: the place is also popular for its rich selection of sandwiches and wraps stuffed with top quality ingredients assembled with imagination. The menu also includes pasta dishes seasoned with various toppings, bruschetta, pizza and meat dishes, offering a wide variety of choice for all tastes and for all appetites.

Among the many proposals of Santa Flavia restaurant there are some real classics, such as the sandwich with tina sauce or with the Mexican sauce, along with the special sandwiches available in a wide range of flavors and combinations, also appreciated for the quality of raw materials. To accompany an aperitif or to delight the palate at the beginning of the meal are also available rice croquettes with meat, the classic bruschetta and several varieties of hot starters, perfect to satisfy the hunger at any time, also served with the Aperol spritz and other appetizers. The specialties of the Babilonia Pub evolve constantly accepting new and captivating proposals. Among these there are, in terms of starters, croutons flavored with various ingredients and combinations super delicious, including spicy salami, gorgonzola sauce and black olives pâté sauce. Do not miss proposals dedicated to lovers of fish, such as salmon and smoked swordfish or fresh shrimp cocktail. Equally varied are the meat dishes, including roast beef with grilled vegetables, the breaded steak or stuffed burgers served with fried potatoes or vegetables. Those who want to sample a first course can range from a rich variety of dishes prepared with fish, mushrooms, vegetables and meat, starting from classic and always appreciated fettuccine with the lobster.

The proposals regarding the fish dishes include spaghetti with seafood and spaghetti with tuna, made even more delicious by the careful presentation and perfect to be enjoyed in the company of a good glass of white wine. For those who love strong flavours are available various first courses prepared with meat dishes, including the penne with sausage, tomato and mushrooms, macaroni with minced sausage, mushrooms, cream, radicchio and tomato sauce and caserecce with bacon, tomato and porcini mushrooms. The mushrooms are used as basic ingredient for the preparation of tasty fettuccine. Those who want to satisfy their appetite with an ample dish and rich in taste can also order the excellent carbonara prepared from the house and many other dishes prepared with great care. Customers of the Santa Flavia restaurant can rely on several other proposals that include salads and big salads, prepared for example with shrimp, crab meat, lettuce and radicchio, and specialties such as breaded and fried mushrooms, crispy and very tasty, ranging among the different creations of the chef's imagination, as the dish prepared with a brown sauce, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, walnuts, radicchio and parsley. To satisfy the thirst, and accompany your meal it is possible to count on the selection of beers in draught and in bottles as well as on different proposals of red and white wines and cocktails, primarily the Aperol spritz.

The Babilonia Pub is the right place to give yourself many sweet tasting to complete the meal or to top up your energy at breakfast to start the day on the right foot. The cafeteria serves excellent espresso, cappuccinos, milk with coffee, iced coffee and super delicious specialties such as coffee cream with chocolate and double cream, served with delicious croissants and donuts. The dessert menu ranges from the most classic specialities, such as sweet truffles, the local sweets as the baked pie and the Sicilian pie prepared with sponge cake with vanilla, rum, chocolate mousse, caramel, ricotta mousse and pistachio. 

The sweet truffle lovers can wander among the white version, the truffle with hazelnut gianduja, cereals and hazelnuts, pistachio and hazelnut truffles and the classic version with Fior di latte and hazelnuts. The temptations of the Babilonia Pub also include the almond parfait served with a warm chocolate topping, the tiramisu and the ruby cake made with sponge cake with chocolate, maraschino, cream and berries. The greedy can also choose the panna cotta with chocolate or caramel, a slice of excellent apple pie and the lemon sorbet ideal to aid the digestion and to refresh the palate after a meal. The richness of the menu and the attention in offering an efficient and helpful service make the Babilonia Pub a particularly welcoming place for organizing birthday parties and other private events, that when the weather is good, can find space even outdoors on the terrace outside.